I’ve Got Me All To Myself

I’ve Got Me All To Myself

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Print Type: Giclée (Digital Inkjet Print)
Ink: Waterproof Pigment Ink
Canvas: Exhibition Matte Polyester 

Aloneness is more of a process than an object; a juggle between self-observation and candor. Sometimes it feels like the closer we get to objectivity, the harsher the narrative becomes, but learning to sit alone with all the little components that make you who you are doesn’t have to be a violent process.

As I focus more and more on my art business, I’ve been hard-pressed to trade the stimulation of crowds with the silence of my room. But as I lean into it, the more I can see the difference between aloneness and alienation; one is about staying in, the other’s about being kept out.

Those rainy winter nights next to my space heater where I’m building at what I care most about, I’ve got me all to myself. Staying in is my choice, and it’s bred all kinds of learning for me. 

In this artwork, I steered away from my usual cooler tones to emphasize this point. Maroon neutralizes the otherwise somber feel of the piece and keeps the mood balanced between those two poles of aloneness and alienation.

A simple background maintains the needed singular focus on the subject and the ripened hazelnut husk, while wood and paint chip elements create worn and comfortable visual textures. Lastly, I’ve combined some of my old favorites (detailed linework, subject anonymity, textured surfaces) with some new elements I’m experimenting with.

First, are gradients and airbrushed shading, which takes my previously very 2-dimensional style in a new direction. Next, is exaggerated scale, which adds new possibilities for storytelling and portraiture. Last, is flora as visual metaphor.

I’m very happy to announce that all of these elements will be present in future pieces as well.


This is a digital print printed on canvas, meaning it is digitally drawn first, then printed onto canvas instead of paper to preserve texture and color. Digital prints come in one or more of three sizes:

Small (B4 - 9.8 in x 13.9 in / 250 mm x 353 mm)
Medium (B3 - 13.9 in x 19.7 in / 353 mm x 500 mm)
Large (B2 ISO - 19.7 in ix 27.8 in / 500 mm x 707 mm)

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