Childish At First | Canvas Print
Childish At First | Canvas Print

Childish At First | Canvas Print

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Print Type: Giclée (Digital Inkjet Print)
Ink: Waterproof Pigment Ink
Canvas: Exhibition Matte Polyester 

Neutral tones, clean, realistic edges, and loopy contour lines laid down next to each other create a coastal atmosphere packed with city texture. 

This compilation of sketches came from several coffee shop sessions looking out windows, staring across cafe tables, and jotting down half-formed thoughts. None of those sessions were intended for final use, but they came so easily together one afternoon while flipping through sketchbook pages.

Although my approach to exploring cities has changed (I tend to stick to outdoor live drawing sessions now, rather than cafes), I remember this period in Hualien very fondly as I navigated the culture shock of leaving a big city for a rural town by cafe-hopping with my pens and pencils in tow.


This is a digital print printed on canvas, meaning it is digitally drawn first, then printed onto canvas instead of paper to preserve texture and color. It comes in three sizes:

Small (B4 - 9.8 in x 13.9 in / 250 mm x 353 mm)
Medium (B3 - 13.9 in x 19.7 in / 353 mm x 500 mm)
Large (B2 ISO - 19.7 in ix 27.8 in / 500 mm x 707 mm)

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Allow 3-4 weeks for shipping. All Artwork by Liann Shannon