Before we get started, let's make sure we're on the same page! I made the Terms of Service as simple as possible for the both of us.

This Agreement for art services is between Liann Shannon ("Artist"), and You ("Client"). The Artist will complete the Artwork according to the styles and any reference photos previously discussed. 

Digital Illustration
Digital Illustrations will be delivered as a (1) high-resolution JPEG file through Google Drive, and (2) time-lapse video of the artwork. Digital illustrations do not come with any physical products. 

Canvas Print
Canvas Prints will be delivered as a (1) high-resolution JPEG file through Google Drive, (2) canvas print according to the size filled out in the form, and (3) time-lapse video of the artwork. 

Logos will be provided as a (1) high-resolution JPEG file, and (2) high-resolution PNG file. Logos are allowed 3 revisions, after which additional changes will be charged by the hour. 


Down Payment
The Client will pay the Price in 2 parts through the agreed payment service; the first two thirds as the down payment, then the last third after all digital products have been sent, or after all physical products have been shipped. 

Additional Costs 
If Client makes any major changes to their request after the Artwork has already been started, the Price may be adjusted up or down on a time and materials basis. 

Payment Schedule
After the first installment is paid, Artist will begin on the Artwork. After all digital and physical products have been completed, Client has 2 weeks to pay the final third of the Price through the payment service. A monthly overdue charge of 10% of the final payment will be added starting after 2 weeks.


In order to keep the upfront Price of Digital Illustrations and Canvas Prints as low as possible, the Artist keeps the right to reproduce, publish, sell, and display the Artwork in their portfolio, online shop, and gallery. 


This Agreement starts on the Effective Date and remains effective until the Artwork and full Price have both been delivered.

Thank you for filling this out!
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