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Canvas  &  PapeR

Prints can be done on a variety of materials. The most common are paper and canvas. Paper prints are more affordable and have a faster turnaround time, but canvas prints preserve colors/textures and are less likely to wrinkle. 

 Paper and canvas come in various degrees of glossiness (from matte to high-gloss). High-gloss offers the most vivid colors and the classic photo-album look. Matte (anti-gloss) keeps the ink from glaring and resembles studio paint rather than photography.  

The prints in my shop are all printed on exhibition matte polyester canvas.

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There are two paper measurement systems; North American and International (ISO).
My prints are listed as ISO.

ISO has A1-A10 sizes (small sizes generally used for letters/fliers/books), and B1-B10 sizes (medium to large dimensions generally used for signs and posters). 

Prints in my store are all one of 3 sizes:

(9.8 x 13.9 inches / 250 millimeters x 353 millimeters)

(13.9 in x 19.7 in / 353 millimeters x 500 millimeters)

(19.7 inches x 27.8 inches / 500 millimeters x 707 millimeters)

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There are two main types of printing methods; offset (lithography) and digital (inkjet). With offset printing, the print shop creates a plate that the ink will be applied to, then the plate is pressed to the canvas or paper. With digital printing, the printer prints ink directly onto the canvas or paper.  Offset is more cost-efficient for large sets of prints, while digital works best for small sets.

Giclée is the name given to high-quality digital fine art prints.

The prints in my store are all giclée digital prints printed with waterproof pigment ink


Click through the slideshow below for more images and examples of artworks!


If you've still got any questions, contact me via email or shoot me a message on social media!