I love making art that is close to people’s hearts.

If you want to:

  • preserve a memory
  • give someone a unique gift
  • change the feel of your room
  • design graphics for your brand
  • make new social media content

Then, we can turn your portrait, photography, memories, or ideas into any combination of art styles! You can mix and match from styles I’ve done for previous clients (see right), styles you’ve found, and/or inspiration collections on my Pinterest.  Past clients have had art made about loved ones, lifestyles, careers, hobbies, past travels, favorite movies/music, and creative passions! 

1) We will discuss the mood, concept, colors, and message of the artwork you have in mind! You can also show me artworks similar to your taste. 

2) I will collect artworks similar to our conversation and send them your way to make sure we are on the same page. 

3) I will complete a digital illustration of your concept and send the draft to you. You will suggest any touchups.

4) After I complete the final, I will send the high-resolution file to you on Google Drive. 

5) If you also ordered the artwork to be printed on a canvas, I will send the order to my print shop and they will get started on your order in 1-10 business days. It then takes 2-3 weeks to ship!

Reach out to me on any of my social media or by email, even to just talk art! For a collection of 1000+ inspiring styles that I've put together over the years, visit my board here.