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Hi, I'm Liann. 

I was born and raised in the United States (Texas) but now live in Taiwan, where I work as an illustrator and designer in a cozy little corner of Taipei. 

Growing up, I attended art classes and academies to study hyperrealism. I was trained traditionally, and although at times I felt a bit like a human photocopier, I had no idea how to marry the styles I fell in love with at galleries and the realism I was familiar with. I loved the visual impact that detail had, but hyperrealism alone was not fulfilling me. 

My time in Austin Texas and Taipei, Taiwan changed that. I was surrounded by so many creators where experimentation was a constant part of their creative process. I began to play around with the visual elements I'd admired for so long in festival posters, magazine editorial illustrations, Japanese woodblock printmaking, Instagram's cyberpunk wave, vintage photography hues, and Dali's surrealism. 
After illustrating for two years in Taipei, I went all the way. I launched this site, went full-time, and hunkered down. Everyone's support has really opened my eyes to what kind of community there can be around creative passion. I'm really thankful to have creative community that doesn't just encourage; it invests. Invests in deep conversation, shared ideas, honest feedback, and most of all, accountability.  



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