Somewhere 2000 and Daydream

Somewhere 2000 and Daydream

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Print Type: Giclée (Digital Inkjet Print)
Ink: Waterproof Pigment Ink
Canvas: Exhibition Matte Polyester 

Leaving time and space for daydreaming seems a lot like housekeeping to me. I tend to pile intentions on top of one another -- work, deadlines, postponed goals-- and separately, they all feel like noble, necessary things. Together though, they create a messy stream of consciousness that breeds repetition where I wanted progress, and surprises where I wanted stability.

My to-do lists go deep. Sometimes I find that I am burying myself alive in them. Then daydreaming blows through and points out how many steps removed I am from my original plans, or how much deadweight I've taken on recently in the name of opportunity.

It helps me to travel more lightly. In that cleared space, suddenly I'm growing real opportunity where before there was only noise. 

When I was figuring out composition here, I had the hardest time figuring out why even a simple color palette wasn't conveying all of this the way I wanted it to. Finally, when I wiped clean the top half of the background, everything began to fall into place. 

I love making subtle changes to daily visual motifs in my artwork so that the eye doesn't automatically assume it knows what it's looking at. Here, that's done with blue florals, missing telltale extremities, and a background that refuses to stay in the back. 

Like with my other pieces, it is always the goal with my linework, color palette, and subject's posture to convey a neutral mood where nothing is pushing or pulling at the subject's sense of well-being. She's just there, resting and noticing.


This is a digital print printed on canvas, meaning it is digitally drawn first, then printed onto canvas instead of paper to preserve texture and color. Digital prints come in one or more of three sizes:

Small (B4 - 9.8 in x 13.9 in / 250 mm x 353 mm)
Medium (B3 - 13.9 in x 19.7 in / 353 mm x 500 mm)
Large (B2 ISO - 19.7 in ix 27.8 in / 500 mm x 707 mm)

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